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Test it – don’t guess it!
Never replace parts unless you actually know that it will fix the problem.
If you are unsure, have our highly trained and experienced staff diagnose your vehicle.


Cooma Diesel Service provides diagnosis testing, rebuilds and repairs, exchange or brand new genuine original manufacturer parts

Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Common Rail Fuel system components
Introduced by Isuzu-Denso in 2005 to Australia – Cooma Diesel Service was one of only 3 authorised repairers in Asia Pacific for Common Rail until 2008 

Pumps, injectors, rails and engine management system components


Electronic diesel fuel systems – V3 and V4 pumps
In-line and Rotary fuel pumps, injectors, sensors, and engine management system components


Mechanical Fuel Pumps and injectors – VE, NB, EP9 and all other in-line pumps


Fuel lines and fittings

Turbo Chargers

Cooma Diesel Service can overhaul or repair your existing turbo.


Or – we can supply you with an exchange unit or brand new turbo.

We can replace turbo cores and do full turbo kit or aftermarket upgrades.


Cooma Diesel Service’s in house specialist turbo repair facilities and fully trained technicians can test and diagnose your turbo and provide you with the most cost effective alternative for your circumstances.

Intercooler Kits

COOMA DIESEL'S 79 Series Intercooler Kit

Owners of the 78 & 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser Turbo Diesel 4WDs can fit the quality front mount intercooler kit to gain extra torque and horsepower. 


The 79 series intercooler kit gives performance gains of around 20% to the factory turbo Landcruiser. The intercooler kit lowers the air intake temperature significantly and does not impair longevity or reliability of the vehicle. Included in the intercooler kit is a redesigned grill similar in style to the original Toyota unit, which gives the vehicle a tidy and professional finish keeping with the mechanical components in the kit.


We can supply and fit intercooler kits for other makes and models of vehicles – talk with our technicians to find out what suits your vehicle.

Miscellaneous Parts

Glow plugs for all applications


Banjo Bolts

Prevent Damage and Maintain your fuel system

Responsive Fuel Additive specifically designed in Australia for Common Rail Diesel Fuel systems, providing a lubricant and light biocide, but without dispersants or fillers.


Cost Effective Maintenance Products


Cooma Diesel Service stocks quality products that will protect and maintain your fuel system.

Cooma Diesel Service specialises in "Water Watch" and innovative filtration products. Click to learn more. 

Other filters and water traps

Cooma Diesel Service is able to supply a range of filter assemblies and water traps to suit common rail, electronic and mechanical type fuel injection systems.

Some of these include.

  • Water Watch

  • CDS filter with external water trap

  • Conventional style water traps



Please contact Cooma Diesel Service for correct application advice 02 6280 0178

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