Diesel Fill mis-fueling prevention
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  • Performance and Power issues

  • Blowing smoke

  • Surging or hesitating

  • Missing

  • Knocking 

  • Strange noises 

  • Warning lights


All these issues are common in diesel powered engines, but sometimes the solution isn’t so easily found and that’s when people start replacing parts and hoping that they will stumble on a solution.


So many times we have heard comments like “the fault code on the scan tool says…..” but unless you have specialist training, you won’t know that it may only be a symptom and not the solution.


Cooma Diesel Service not only has all the equipment to test your vehicle, including dedicated manufacturer accredited repairer electronic tools, but we also have the expertise to find the right answer before you start replacing parts.


Once a diagnosis is known, then we can advise on the best options for your situation, whether you undertake repairs or replace parts.

Denso Test Benches, part of our extensive repair facility for pumps and injectors

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Our fully equipped injection pump and fuel injector testing and repair facility incorporates a certified pressurized clean room enabling us to test, repair, tune and calibrate all components of diesel fuel systems to manufacturers specifications ensuring your vehicle performs at its best.


6 fully equipped, purpose built air conditioned work rooms with equipment for every type of diesel fuel system

            5 different injector test and repair benches

            9 different pump, injector and rail test and repair benches including common rail

            Scientific laboratory equipment to examine fuel and components when detail matters

Separate 2 room turbo testing and repair facility

Separate fully equipped automotive workshop

Separate fully equipped machinist workshop

Outdoor 4wd computerised Dyno

Up to date diagnostic tools and scanners for all makes and manufacturers both for fault finding and coding in components


If it is determined that your parts are beyond repair or you can’t afford the downtime, exchange parts and new parts are available.  If we don’t have what you need, we have access to a global network of genuine manufacturer parts at competitive prices.

Computerised 4wd diesel dyno tuning ensures optimum power and performance from your vehicle

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With our fully computerised Dyno and a full range of scan tools we can fine tune your vehicle to ensure that you are getting full power and economy from your vehicle.  


EGR issues can be resolved
Routine Tune up


Responsive Fuel Additive designed in Australia for Common Rail Diesels

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Cost Effective Maintenance products 
Toyota Fuel Filters


Responsive Fuel Conditioner
Designed specifically for Common Rail Diesel Fuel Systems – formulated in Australia
Contains a concentrated lubricant 
Bottle designed to fit in vehicle door with applicator and measuring bowl 
Light biocide
No dispersants or fillers


Diesel Fill - Preventing wrong fuel fills
Prevents you putting petrol into your diesel – Petrol will not only
destroy your diesel fuel system, it can also kill your engine. 

A very costly exercise for just a few moments lapse in concentration. 
Diesel Fill's self-locking mechanism stops anything other than a

diesel fuel nozzle, so it also protects against fuel theft.

Diesel Fill is the new improved version of our popular Diesel Key.

It's more robust and will fit most vehicles with screw type fuel caps.

Training Events are provided regularly to our extensive network of automotive repairers

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Cooma Diesel provides training and information sessions for:-

         Qualified automotive tradespeople

         TAFE and educational organisations

         4wd and motoring enthusiasts


Upcoming training events

Free Trade Training Night - Wednesday 6 November 6pm-9pm

Our Next Full Day Training will be held March 2020 - date to be confirmed.

- Please contact if you are interested in attending


Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are interested in attending training or if you have a group that would like to participate in a hands on, practical training session.

Innovations – Proud to be Australian

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Cooma Diesel Service has over the years been able to identify and resolve performance issues for the manufacturers of Australian vehicles. Some of the research and developments Cooma Diesel Service have made include:-

  • Isuzu Australia fuel injection pump body modification Isuzu 6SD1 engine

  • Landrover modification to address low speed power issue.

  • Toyota Landcruiser 79 series intercooler upgrade improving performance and fuel economy.

  • Isuzu Australia modification to 4HF1 fuel injection pump to rectify low power issues.

  • Developed a range of diagnosis protocols for common rail contamination issues.

  • Provided the research for the development of water in fuel sensing units, to very accurately monitor & warn of water entering the fuel system of diesel engines.

  • Provided research for the development of Responsive Fuel Additive which is specifically for use in Common Rail fuel systems

​Technical Trade Support - we provide assistance for those impossible repairs

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Cooma Diesel Service provides technical support for automotive repairers with:-

  • Diagnostic techniques and protocols

  • Specialised repairs

  •  Extracting parts from carbonised engines

  •  Access to specialised tools and how to use them

  •  Parts – obscure and difficult to obtain parts can often be sourced through our global network.

Cooma Diesel Does Not Recommend Secondary Filters

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  1. Filters can't stop water! 

  2. Filters are designed to control particle contamination

  3. Secondary filters cause restriction to fuel flow 

  4. Why would you put something on your vehicle that duplicates (at best) the Original Manufacturer filter?

Water Watch was designed specifically for Common Rail Diesel

  • Water Watch’s water trap is designed to trap and hold both water and particulates.

  • The coalescing water trap separates the water (heavier than fuel) and particulates from the fuel without any restrictions to fuel flow

  • Water Watch has both audio and visual alarm system showing when water is present in your fuel

  • Water Watch has a life time warranty on components

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